Pre-Employment Screening / DOT

County: Criminal History (Felony and Misdemeanors): A comprehensive search using access to over 3000 county courthouses to determine felony and misdemeanor convictions.

Social Security Trace: A summary report to assess the validity of an applicant's social security number and to identify residence addresses for the previous seven years.

Motor Vehicle Report: A review of the applicant's driving records, typically three (3) years, to determine the status of the license - valid, expired, canceled, or suspended - and a list of all violations in the state of Issuance.

DOT Employment Verification (3 Year) - A detailed interview process with all former employers 3 years back to ascertain true dates of employment, position, and salary or hourly wages.

DOT Agency Drug & Alcohol Regulation Verification (3 Year) - In accordance to 40.25 of the DOT Drug/Alcohol History Regulations

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